Monday, January 31, 2005

felting.... aargh!

It's my day off today, I start mariah, tomorrow, so I finished off a pair of slippers from my felted knits book, and figured I would spend the day hand felting a few things. I have a pair of booties and a small bag I've done too..... So I started with the bag. It's small, shouldn't be too difficult. HA!
I used Naturally Colourworks yarn, because I had a little bit left. I thought I would felt it and use it as a change purse or make-up bag, depending on it's size. Again, I say HA!
I spent an hour trying to felt it, and nothing changed except the colour! So, I thought I would try to have a positive experience after that, so I put the slippers in.... after 20 mins I realized I was still grumpy and pissy, so now they're sitting in the water cooling off, and maybe I'll try again tomorrow.
I think I am coming down with a flu, and I bought season 1 of Alias on DVD today, so I think I'll use the flu as an excuse to stay home instead of playing soccer tonight, and maybe I'll cheat and start mariah!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

elections etc.

I am so glad the elections in Iraq went relatively well today. Thinking about what they have had to go through has made me so aware of how lucky we are in Canada. So many people here act like voting is a nuisance... we need to remember that it's our right, and the best way to get our voices heard. I just hope that whoever wins, will do some good.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Completed Stuff!

So, as you may or may not know...... I don't have a digital camera, so we have to wait for my photos to be developed and I can scan them before we get to see them here.....
Here are the gifts I made for my boyfriends!
The one for Andrew looks really warped, I guess it's because of the angle i took it at.
All the patterns are from Mission Falls "Wee Knits", although the last two were adapted a bit because I couldn't get the yarn. The pattern for the mitts, I just made up.

hat and sweater for henry Posted by Hello

hat and mitts for tai Posted by Hello

Sweater for Andrew Posted by Hello


Last night I met up with maggie, who had been my neighbor and best friend in montreal until i was 5. we wrote to each other until the end of high school, but haven't seen each other since we were little. it was really fun. a little awkward at first... finding things to talk about was hard... a little like a first date! I wonder if as children we actually pick our friends based on personality and compatibility, or if it's just location? we lived next door to each other, and our moms were friends, so i always assumed that's how we became friends. but now that we're all grown up, and our moms aren't around, i still really like her. is that just coincidence? or was I a really smart 5 year old?
check out her website at

Thursday, January 20, 2005


me and my boyfriends Posted by Hello

Check out the pic of me and my friend's sons... aren't they cute! They're the ones I've been knitting for. Although they aren't wearing any Dianna wear!?

I bought my yarn for Mariah the other day... I got the Patons Classic Wool in "russet"- I can't wait to get started! So, in the meantime, I finished a scarf, a set of booties to felt, and started a hat to felt. I'll have to go visit some one with a washing machine this weekend.

I am apparently turning into a knitting fiend, and probably need to get a life!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

a sad yarn shopping day

so i spent several hours at romni wools and knit cafe today (on work time, oops!), and came to the realization that i am too cheap and too chicken to spend a lot of money on this, when it's been so long since i did a sweater, and even the sweaters i did were big and baggy. so, i decided to go with the patons classic wool, and since it's only $5 at knit cafe... i rushed over ther. but did they have enough of it in any colour at all? NO! ugh! then i felll totally in love with all the peace fleece colours, that every one in the mariah group had been talking about (they have it at knit cafe for $11/skein), but its the thicker stuff, not the sport weight! aargh! so i came home empty handed today. hopefully i can head out to Michaels in the next couple of days to pick some up. i'm thinking of using one of these colours (if they have them that is!)

deep olive evergreen mix

russet navy old gold

I actually started knitting some baby booties in the deep olive colour today- they'll be my first felting attempt!

but, there is good news..... i found this lovely sweater on knitty, and i'm thinking i can use the philosophers yarn to make it, maybe making the sleeves different colours, or maybe doing vertical stripes (they're supposed to be slimming, right?). i'll have to dig the yarn out and start playing with it.

sonnet from Posted by Hello

in my search for great FREE patterns for cardigans today, i looked at a bunch of knitters blogs. what's the deal with knitters and blogging? i admit that i joined in on the blogging wave because of knitting (my friends don't care about what i've done, so i hope someone will!), but how come everyone is so good at making their blogs? do they teach html while you knit? do all crafters get into it, no matter what the craft? i haven't seen any scrapbooking blogs (my other crazy obsessive past time). i'm feeling technologically challenged :-( ! And now I am desperate for a digital camera.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday Night

I've just returned from Hamilton- I went to visit my friend who lost her baby. She's having a really tough time physically- she's had to go to emerg. 3 times. ugh. I'll go back on Sunday to stay with her monday and tuesday while her husband is at work.
I don't know how people get through this, I don't know if i would handle it all as well as she seems to have.

Knitting..... I finished two of the Boa scarves and gave them to my friends at work- more orders were requested, but I need to knit something for ME next! I just got a reimbursement cheque from work, so I'm feeling quite rich right now... I think I'll head to Romni tomorrow and make my final decision on the yarn for Mariah. I'll let you know what I pick!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hat Day

This is a hat I knit for my friend's son Tai.... I used colourworks wool, which was a little chunker than the pattern, so I adjusted it... I think it turned out pretty well! Posted by Hello

Another Pic of Me

Posted by Hello
I seem to be having a tough time getting the hang of this..... I'm not really that self involved, posting all the pics of myself!

Anyway, the real reason I started this blog was to talk about knitting..... so here's a list of my projects:

Completed Projects (in last month)
  • hat and mitts for Tai
  • sweater and hat for Henry in Mission Falls cotton
  • sweater for Andrew's first birthday in Araucania Nature Cotton

In Progress

  • 3 bernat "boa" scarves for friends at work

In the (maybe) Near Future

  • Mariah cardigan from I have joined the knit-along on yahoo groups. What type of yarn? I haven't decided yet.....
  • some kind of sweater for me using Philosophers yarn I bough tyears ago, but I'm no longer interested in the fair isle pattern.... I'm thinking of doing a hooded sweater from the "yarn girls guide to simple knits", but with stripes
  • trying out some felting from the book I got for christmas

Monday, January 10, 2005

Photo of Me

I'm new to this..... trying to figure out how to put a photo in my profile.......
This is me! Posted by Hello

sad day

I was looking at this earlier, and thinking that I hadn't done a very good job of making entries..... kinda like when I had a diary when I was young.
My best friend called today to tell me she had a miscarriage. She was 11 weeks along, and I was the first one she had told when it was good news..... I have no idea what to do for her- I can't even imagine how she is feeling, so don't even know where to start to try and help her feel better. All my concerns about life seem so insignificant now.