Monday, February 21, 2005

look out ..... she's got a digital camera

Finally got my hands on a digital camera..... it's not great, but it was free (compliments of my dad! Thanks Dad!).... so here's how Mariah is going.......

I've done both sleeves together, and am up to 18 inches (I need to get to 19). Some of my cables look kinda wobbly, but hopefully they'll straighten out when they're blocked.

mariah Posted by Hello
I took a break to start the back when we went to Ottawa (although I think I slept the whole way there and back, so didn't get any knitting done)

I think I'm going to add an inch to the stockinette section to account for my big boobs.

mariah back Posted by Hello

Stockinette stitch is so boring after doing all those fun cables.... how will I ever go back !

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dad Turns 60!

Happy Birthday Dad! Posted by Hello

My dad turns 60 today. I have this pic of him from when he was a kid, and I am about to email it out to all his relatives.... in case they had forgotten that he is turning 60 today. Is that mean?
Pretty good looking guy, eh?
My brother looks a lot like this pic, but just bigger.

We're taking him out for dinner tonight, and my bro's coming in from Hamilton for it, so it should be fun fun!

My dad's a hard guy to buy for though. He pretty much just buys himself EVERYTHING... doesn't leave much for us. We got him a nice bottle of scotch. I hope that's ok for a 60th b-day present.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Today was Valentine's brunch with my boyfriends and their moms. Fun fun! I ate too much, and then ate some more...... so with the impending sunny beach trip at the end of march, I decided it was time to start running again.

I only went for about 20 mins, but I thought I was going to throw up all the chocolates! It's a good thing I went. I logged it on the
Nike website training log... it seems I haven't been running since November! Ugh. It seems that Nike is doing another 10km run on May 29, so perhaps that should be my goal....... we'll see.

On the knitting front- I took another stab at the felting the other day- another hour, and I now have a pair of felted slippers. They're a little wide (but my feet are narrow), but comfy! I'll post pics as soon as they're printed.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

pet peeves

1. taxi drivers honking
it's saturday morning, I am calmly standing at a bus stop, reading the paper; a car slows in front of me and honks- I look to see if it's someone I know, or someone needing help..... But NO, it's a taxi driver looking for a fare.
Do I look like I'm looking for a cab? NO! I'm tempted to hop in next time and pay them with a bus ticket!
This happens way too often. It really annoys me.

2. The poor treatment of people without credit cards
when I went to sign up for express vu the other day, I double checked that they could set it up without a credit card number ( I choose to live credit free). I was assured that I could..... When I called to get it hooked up, the first thing they asked was "credit card number please?". When I replied that I had none, and explained what I had been told, she actually started YELLING at me, about how I was wrong etc. So I called customer service, they told me it was ok, so I called back to hook it up again.... same thing, the person sounds angry at me. I go back and forth a few times, until finally I get to talk to a supervisor. Seems I can't do it without a credit card, so they suggest I BUY the system for $300. Whatever.
Thank goodness my daddy loves me, he let me give them his number. But how unfair is that! I have had services with Bell for years, you think they would let me rent a stupid satellite without giving them a credit card number.
They're just lucky I hate Rogers even more right now.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


just as I posted that last one, ryerson called- my instructor is sick - so no school for me today! (but I hope he's ok)

i still love my mariah

but I must NOT knit today! I am having my friends and their babies over on sunday, so I have to make my apartment SPOTLESS for little ones to crawl around in.

I also have two assignments to hand in tonight at school, and a physio appointment at 4:30. leaving me only 5 hours to do everything......

so of course, i sit down to make this entry.

so, here is what I plan to do... in this order
1. laundry
2. while the laundry is going.... i'm going to run out and pick up bandanas for a thing at work
3. also edit the work i've done on my papers so far
4. come back and clean my room
5. then it's probably going to be time to go to physio
6. after physio i'm going to Bell to get my express vu- woo hoo!
7. then class
8. come home and put away all my scrapbooking stuff while I watch the finale of amazing race.

Well, I better get at it.....

Monday, February 07, 2005

i love my mariah

i don't want to do my school work, i don't want to socialize, i don't want to go to work, i don't want to go to soccer, i just want to knit! i can't wait to wear this sweater!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

michael jackson is weird

Doesn't anyone else think michael jackson is weird? I can't believe all the people that have given up their time to stand outside the courthouse and cheer for him. I saw one guy on tv who had QUIT HIS JOB to be there. I don't get it. Assuming the guy is innocent of the charges, he's still weird. Why would you give up you life to hang around him? Maybe I'm the weird one.