Tuesday, October 31, 2006

High school never really ends, does it?

So I went to a party on Saturday night.
It was a surprise party for a friends 30th, at another friends house.

Pretty much everyone there was over 30. And I knew almost everyone.

I brought 12 beer (I'm not sure why I thought I needed 12, but that's a whole other story...).

After having 3 or 4, I went to the fridge for another.

THEY WERE ALL GONE. Yup. This group of 30 somethings had drank my beer.

When does it end?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You Know it's PMS When

A bowl of chocolate chips seems like a really good idea for a snack, AND you give in.... TWICE.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Who Knew?

So, did I mention that at the CSN Festival I also bought a set of those ridiculously expensive Lantern Moon DPN's made of ebony?

I did, and they are lovely, and I have been speeding right along with my broadripple socks (loving the colour of the yarn!).

Then, while I was at Brenda's for an evening of Scrabble, beer, chatting and knitting... I learned something about these needles that I wasn't aware of.....

They are convertible. Yup, in a millisecond you can convert them from a set of 5 DPN's to a set of 6!
Only problem is.... I can't figure out how to convert them back. Kinda like those stupid Transformer toys my brother always had.


Friday, October 20, 2006


That would be a "Stash Enhancing eXperience" of course.
I played hooky from work today to go to the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival (soon to be called"Creativ Festival"). I was hoping for lots of yarn goodness, but there wasn't so much this year. I think actually spent more on scrapbooking supplies. And if you're into beading, there was tonnes of that too. I did pick up a couple of things though. Some yarn for a new scarf: Trendsetter Tonalita. It's a really soft wool/acrylic blend. Pattern to be determined. Maybe My So Called Scarf? And some sock yarn. Look, it's orange! I love orange. I'm trying the Broadripple pattern from knitty. I'm not sure if I like the garter stitch at the top though.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hubba Hubba

Now I just have to pick up two hundred thousand gazzilion stitches (yes, that is an exact number) for the edging.

Monday, October 16, 2006

This is the Cold that Never Ends...

Yes it goes on and on my friends.....

Seriously. I've had enough.

Anyway, in knitting content, I present the new and improved Sea Silk Scarf. I'm using the Branching Out pattern from Knitty, repeated twice to make it a little wider.

At first it was dragging, and I was having a really tough time getting through it. Knitting the lace pattern was just awkward and almost uncomfortable feeling. But last night I switched from my straight needles to circular.

What a difference!

I hardly ever knit with straight needles anymore, and if I do, I prefer bamboo. The ones I was using were just too long and heavy. Perhaps it's time to expand my collection of circulars.... make an effort to get all the sizes.

First I'll have to organize what I have. I remember seeing an Excel spreadsheet done up once, but can't remember where..... do you ?
It would save me the time of creating a new one.

Thanks for all the props on finishing the run yesterday! I'm really glad I did it, even if my time was lame and my legs are mad at me today. In fact, I'm about to head out and celebrate by buying some new running gear...... mmm... shopping...

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Not the greatest time, but considering how sick I am, I'm pretty freaking impressed I even finished!
That's the gun time though, so when the chip times are done, I'm sure it will knock a few minutes off, 'cause we started way at the back of the crowd.

I'm really glad I got my butt out of bed and went today, but I definitely foresee a nap in my near future....

Later: Got my chip time (that's the actual time from when I started to when I finished)
Much better.
And it'll be easy to beat next time!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

But my name is on it....

How can I not run tomorrow!?

And yes, the pen is a lame attempt at remaining anonymous....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Jungian Socks

Meet my new socks. As you can see, they are quite different. Like fraternal twins (as Michelle would say).

I like to think of them as Jungian.... two parts of the same skein. Maybe anima and animus, or the shadow and the self... what do you think?

I am really happy with them. They're the first pair that I knit specifically for me, so they fit well. I'm still sick, so I've been wearing them a lot to keep my feetsies warm, and they're doing a good job. I've become quite attached to them!

So yes, I'm still sick. I feel a little better, but I have almost no voice left. This really sucks. I've only managed to go in to work for half a day so far. I can't decide whether or not to try again tomorrow, or just say screw it and take the rest of the week off. I'm sure that I could use the rest, but I'd feel bad, having just come back from a two week vacation.

I have been able to knit a bit though, I only have 1 front and the trim left on the Polka Purl Dots/Squares wrap left to do. Do you think there will be any more warm weather for me to wear it, or will it just go away as a treat for the spring?

After I finished the socks, I was allowed to start a new project- so I started Sam, the cabled baby sweater.

I'm supposed to run a 5km race on Sunday. What do you think the chances of that will be?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cure for the Common Cold?

Seriously.... we can send people to space and clone sheep..... so why the heck am I so freaking sick!? Why isn't there a room full of scientists somewhere trying to find a magic concoction to make me better? Ick.

I'm even too sick to knit. I can do a few rows, but then need to lie down and nap again. I did manage to wind a skein of yarn while lying down, and it was a really funny sight, and I thought about taking a picture to share with you.... but I didn't know where my camera was in my snot induced haze. So just imagine.

There has been some knitting going on. I am almost finished the mismatched socks. I'm on the plain old stocking stitch before the last toe, but I'm saving that for study time. I figure stocking stitch is perfect for learning to read and knit at the same time. Any tips?

And the polka-purl-dot sweater is going well, I just divided for the armholes before the last nap. Maybe some more tonight if I can stay awake for a bit.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back from the Wild West of Edmonton....

I got back on Thursday (without my luggage of course, why does crap like that ever happen, you'd think they'd have it under control by now?!). But I picked that up on Friday as well as a $100 credit for a future flight.

Anyhooo...... It rained almost every day I was there, so there aren't that many exciting photos. We did have some rain free moments during a weekend jaunt to Jasper though- here's a pic of the loverly Pyramid Lake and Mountain. It's a "redder" mountain than the rest (because of the iron in it), so it really stands out.

Being a hockey fan, I also felt the need to visit with Wayne. We knit together. It was good.

We managed to get tickets to a pre season game, but i didn't knit there. I didn't want them to search my bag and accuse me of trying to bring in any dangerous weapons.

Thanks for all the suggestions about airplane knitting by the way. I didn't bother trying anything. I had called WestJet, and they said plastic needles only, so why risk it. My friends had just bought Season 2 of Lost, so we watched a lot of that, so I have almost completed my socks anyway. I also managed to whip up a pair of mittens for their little one while I was there.

I was rushing through the Bonnie Doon Mall to get to the bank machine... and lo and behold... a Lewiscraft! Who knew the very last Lewiscraft would be at the Bonnie Doon Mall in the 'burbs of Edmonton. So, I bought some yarn for mittens. How could I not, it was the very last store... the end of an era!