Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday Night

I've just returned from Hamilton- I went to visit my friend who lost her baby. She's having a really tough time physically- she's had to go to emerg. 3 times. ugh. I'll go back on Sunday to stay with her monday and tuesday while her husband is at work.
I don't know how people get through this, I don't know if i would handle it all as well as she seems to have.

Knitting..... I finished two of the Boa scarves and gave them to my friends at work- more orders were requested, but I need to knit something for ME next! I just got a reimbursement cheque from work, so I'm feeling quite rich right now... I think I'll head to Romni tomorrow and make my final decision on the yarn for Mariah. I'll let you know what I pick!


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