Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Joy of Knitting Olympics

I have to say, participating in the knitting Olympics was one of the most fun things I have ever done.
I got to meet a ton of people I likely never would have met, I finished a sweater that i would have bailed on part way though, and I am amazed at what people can accomplish in 16 days.
I have always found "internet knitting friends" to be incredibly supportive and helpful, but never so much so as they were for this.

Thanks for all your compliments on my Olympic project, but really, it bites. Of course I only posted the most flattering picture, who wants to put a picture of themselves looking like a cow up? Maybe if I feel brave later I'll show off how terrible it really looks.

I am sad I didn't make it to the closing ceremonies on Sunday. I met a lot of people two weeks ago that I would really like to keep in touch with, knit with (drink with!), but I almost feel like I missed the boat.

But, hopefully this was as fun for everyone else, and we'll have more gatherings in the future. Maybe we should get together to "train" once a month?

On a pissy note, check this out. Someone actually left a nasty comment on someone's blog about their Olympic progress. Some people suck.


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