Saturday, January 15, 2005

a sad yarn shopping day

so i spent several hours at romni wools and knit cafe today (on work time, oops!), and came to the realization that i am too cheap and too chicken to spend a lot of money on this, when it's been so long since i did a sweater, and even the sweaters i did were big and baggy. so, i decided to go with the patons classic wool, and since it's only $5 at knit cafe... i rushed over ther. but did they have enough of it in any colour at all? NO! ugh! then i felll totally in love with all the peace fleece colours, that every one in the mariah group had been talking about (they have it at knit cafe for $11/skein), but its the thicker stuff, not the sport weight! aargh! so i came home empty handed today. hopefully i can head out to Michaels in the next couple of days to pick some up. i'm thinking of using one of these colours (if they have them that is!)

deep olive evergreen mix

russet navy old gold

I actually started knitting some baby booties in the deep olive colour today- they'll be my first felting attempt!

but, there is good news..... i found this lovely sweater on knitty, and i'm thinking i can use the philosophers yarn to make it, maybe making the sleeves different colours, or maybe doing vertical stripes (they're supposed to be slimming, right?). i'll have to dig the yarn out and start playing with it.

sonnet from Posted by Hello

in my search for great FREE patterns for cardigans today, i looked at a bunch of knitters blogs. what's the deal with knitters and blogging? i admit that i joined in on the blogging wave because of knitting (my friends don't care about what i've done, so i hope someone will!), but how come everyone is so good at making their blogs? do they teach html while you knit? do all crafters get into it, no matter what the craft? i haven't seen any scrapbooking blogs (my other crazy obsessive past time). i'm feeling technologically challenged :-( ! And now I am desperate for a digital camera.


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