Tuesday, May 10, 2005


So, now that Mariah is all done.... what's a girl to do?
Start a whole bunch of new things!

Project # 1:
Cocktail Monkey Bag from the Summer Knitty.
My friend Steph LOVES Bellini's from Milestones, which always come with the cocktail monkeys (or other plastic things), so I thought this bag would be a nice gift for her. Not that I have any cocktail monkeys.... actually, I was at her place on the weekend, and stole a couple, but I still need 8 more.... anyone want to drink lots of bellinis with me?

It's done in hemp, which I found at Michaels. I went down a mm size in needles to get the right gauge (because I will ALWAYS make sure my gauge is on - lesson learned from Mariah). I don't know where to buy the ostrich fringe though.... I think I'll check some of the fabric places on Queen West. The hemp isn't bad to knit with, but very stiff, so I can only do a few rows at a time, because my wee little fingers get sore. I took this pic last week- now I've finished the bottom and just started doing up the four sides. The longer sides seem to slip off the end of the dpns, but I'm dealing.

Project # 2:
Anouk from the spring 2004 Knitty. My cousin just had a little girl (Isobel- named after my Grandma), and I wanted to make her something. I loved the non-girlie pattern, but couldn't find any decent yarn in cotton. While at Michaels looking for hemp... I found Tutu by Moda-Dea(?). I was drawn to the colours and texture, so I am using the basic pattern from Anouk, but changing the look. I even ended up going with some pink! I've finished the front, and have just cast on for the back. It's looking pretty funky! My mom wasn't so fond of the colour combination though... she doesn't seem to think "Pear Green" and "Raspberry" go together very well....

Sorry about the poor colour depiction, I was in a rush.

Project #3:
Hasn't started yet, but I'm hoping it will be a stash buster.... either the wrapped lace cardigan (#30) or short sleeve top (#5) from the 2005 spring/summer vogue knitting. I think I have some black cotton that I bought 12 years ago that might work....

Project #4:
I bought some GGH Samoa in orange and navy, and want to make a vest or something for my friend Kim's little (HUGE) baby boy.

So, that's all, not much!

I know I have a meme waiting in the wings from Karma, and I do promise I will do it tomorrow!


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