Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Baby Hoggers

So I went to the baby shower on Sunday.
I typically hate these things, but Kim is a good friend, and I hadn't had a chance to meet Joshua yet, so I went.
I no longer "typically" hate them- now I ALWAYS hate them. I don't ever want to go to one again.
I came all the way from Toronto, to stand by the doorway for three hours. Yup, three hours. Never even got to hold him. I had a fleeting glance of him up close while his mom was feeding him, but other than that, his dad's family was hogging him. They would hold him for an hour or so, and then pass him off to another family member. HELLO! You guys get to see him all the time! Why not let some out-of-towners check him out. I was getting so pissy about it, that I actually started making snarky comments- like "whoever gave the next gift should get to hold the baby", and "I've known her longer than you", but did they get the hint? No, they just kept passing him amongst themselves.

I've decided they are evil.

(Actually, I probably already knew that. At the Jack and Jill for the wedding a few years ago, I had to hip-check one of the sister-in-laws out of the way to make sure I won the prize I wanted. A family member winning a prize? Isn't that against the rules? )


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