Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Chaos

Created by me, of course. Two days ago (December 22nd), around noon, I decided that the scarf I was knitting for my dad SUCKED. I'm not happy with the moss stitch, and the cable is coming out really, really stiff. It might loosen up with washing, but I just couldn't see the sense in continuing, if it wasn't going to work. Here's the scarf:

So, what do I do? I head across the street (to
the Knit Cafe) in search of a new project to start, only 60 hours before Christmas. Yes, Virginia, I am nuts. Did I find anything? No. The Knit Cafe has a great selection of yarn, but nothing that would suit my conservative dad. I did come out with a copy of Stitch 'n Bitch Nation though! So, after a long day at work, I headed home and walked over to the Naked Sheep. Turns out they closed at 6, and I was way later than that..... but luckily Denny was still there! Yay! Within two minutes she had hooked me up with two balls of Rowan Classic Soft Tweed in "blanket" which is a nice grey, and it's oh so soft! Denny rocks. I decided on the "Warm Fuzzies" Scarf from Stitch ' Bitch Nation, and thought I would be working at until all hours on Christmas Eve. But low and behold, here we are at 1:30 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve, and it is finished and wrapped! A Christmas Miracle maybe?! So, I'm off to have a wee nap before heading to my parents for lots of food and wine.....
Merry Christmas!


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