Monday, October 24, 2005

What to do when your stash is too large

Buy more!
Instead of digging into all my new yarn purchases, or even my old yarn purchases, I went out and bought some more.... I had an idea for a baby shower gift- matching hats with skull and cross bones! I don't have the right needles though, so they will have to wait until tomorrow.

So, I did dig into the new stash. The green skein is "Gauja", a 100% wool spun in Latvia, that I bought from Headwater Wool at the Creative Needlework festival. I was hanging out in her booth, because she had lots of samples/patterns in lace work, which is something I wanted to try. She talked me into making a scarf first, and told me that she has free patterns on her Headwater website. The yarn being only $5/skein, how could I resist! It's not exactly a super soft yarn, and I'm getting itchy just knitting with it (My skin doesn't always get along with wool), but the colour is pretty, and it could make a great gift!

Last week and over the weekend, I got to spend some time with Griffen, and her parents Steph and Gary. What a cutie! She's the one I bought the boots for.

And this is Wilf. His owners are in San Francisco, so he gets to stay with me for the week. He's old, so he pretty much sleeps all day. I wish I could have a dog... I heart them!


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