Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Amazing Race, Week 1

Lots of photos, sorry for the crappy quality, my camera sucks.....

Before the race begins.....two knitters, happy to be hanging out.

See how friendly she looks? It's all an act...
She's wearing mascara- it's not the real her!

Some caffeine loading in preparation of the grueling journey they are about to begin.

The race begins! There are no alliances in this edition of Amazing Race, its every knitter for herself!

Who will reach the checkpoint first? If you knew who was knitting which colour, it might help....

It's Lisa in the lead for week 1! Although really, she had a 4 row lead (an allowed handicap for having 2 kids), and Dianna had a few false starts (like forgetting she wasn't using garter stitch, duh!).

So yes, it's Lisa in the Burgundy/rust colour and Dianna in black.

See my shiny Addi Turbos? They have yet to make me faster...

We've decided not to post our progress over the week, so that we won't know until we see each other again.

We also might consider weekly "detours"/challenges... any ideas?

Next weeks challenge... eat wings, drink beer and knit... at Castro's... feel free to come watch the action live!


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