Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thank God for Crochet Cast-On!

Katherine tried to teach me the open/provisional cast-on at stitch and bitch the other night, but it just wasn't working for me. That was really annoying, because I can usually pick up on new stitches really easily. I think the issues were: 1. I'm left handed, and she was doing all the yarn twisting and wrapping with her right hand, it felt so awkward to me, and 2. The fuzziness of the yarn was complicating everything- as it twisted with the waste yarn, it got al tangled and I had to cut it out.
So, I got home and tried a crochet cast-on. I am "ok" at crochet, so it wasn't all new to me, I'm a little awkward at it, but it will get easier. And the fact that you aren't using both yarns at the same time totally cuts back on the tangle factor, and the waste yarn is oh-so-easy to pull out at the end.
I think I have my cast-on.

I also had a look at the sizing. The description says it's "loose fitting", but it doesn't look very loose on the model! I will trust Vogue, and go with a "loose fit" size (which according to is 4-6" larger than my actual size), which makes the bust 45", while mine is 39"..... hrmm..... should be interesting to see. I'll be making size Large.

The other thing I'm concerned about is the neck opening. It will be 18" around, but my noggin is bigger than that, how does that work?

So, only 32 hours till the opening ceremonies, and the official cast-on time... I'll be at work, but maybe I'll sneak into the bathroom (a la Lisa) and start. Or, I could just go into my office and shut the door.

And yes, it is 6 am and I am blogging. If you know me, you know that I should still be in bed. Apparently my internal alarm clock is set for 4 am this week. Maybe it's pre-competition jitters ;-).


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