Friday, August 25, 2006

Back In the Knitting Groove

Oh, how I wish I could just knit all day.....

Progress is being made on Polka Purl Dots, but as you can see, I am using a basket weave pattern rather than the dots chart.

I have a couple of balls left of Mission Falls Cotton from Tulip, so I started a vest for Rachel- I'm going to Edmonton to see Tracey (her mom) and family in September, so I want to bring a gift. I'll do the vest in solid pink, and the edging in a purple or something. The pattern is Ziggy, from the Mission Falls Wee Knits book.

And... a trip to Chinatown on Tuesday for lunch included a quick trip to Lettuce Knit. I am a sucker for that store (thank god it's not down the street from me, although I'm a sucker for the Sheep too), I can't go in without buying something.

I bought myself some Fleece Artist Sock Yarn, which Lisa always raves about. I think the colourway looks pretty funky- everything else was very pastel looking.

Right next to the cash register was this pattern:

It's Simple Knitted Bodice from Stitch Diva Studios. I'd been drooling over the pics of it in the new magazines, but hadn't had a chance to look for it yet. I figured it was fate.
I have no clue what yarn I'll use, the stuff it calls for (Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple and Rock Star) are pretty pricey.

And just for fun, this is my friend Paul trying oysters.
The Gull and the Firkin has "Buck a Shuck" Oysters on Wednesday nights. They're yummy. Don't let Paul's face fool you.


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