Monday, August 21, 2006

Sea Silk Obsession

Is it possible to love a skein of yarn too much?

I think so.

I have this skein of Sea Silk. I walked around with it in it's original skein state for the first week, then thought I should try to do something with it.

But, because I love it SO MUCH, I want whatever I make with it to be perfect. Argh. I hate it when my perfectionism kicks in.

I started with Backyard Leaves from ScarfStyle. I got really worried about having enough yardage for it to be long enough (the gauge was totally off,I just thought the pattern and the yarn would go well together, I still do!).

Then I tried a lace pattern from the crazy Japanese stitch book I bought in New York, but I didn't like the way the beginning edge was looking, and I wasn't sure I was getting the stitches right (it's all in Japanese, you know).

Last night I started one of the lace leaf pattern scarves from the insert in the new IK magazine. It's going well, but I think it's too wide for what I want, and it's not "lacey" enough, there aren't enough holes in it.

I think I need to put it away for awhile.


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