Thursday, June 22, 2006


I usually post to my blog while I'm watching tv.

With the recent discovery of torrents in my households, I've been watching a lot of tv on my computer. This, apparently, is not conducive to blogging.


I still love you.

So.... knitting? Not so much. I've been seaming the ties of my VK wrap top (the New York Sweater). They were knit lengthwise, and then you seam the top to the bottom, and it's taking freaking forever! I'm wondering if icord might have been easier... but maybe too stretchy.

And really, they're awfully big and bulky. I think there's likely a problem with the pattern. First of all, they want you to leave a 5" opening on the side for the ties. 5"! What the heck is with that!
I left it until after I finished the ties.
Then the ties.... You're supposed to cast on 180 stitches... that seems ok.... but to knit 18 rows!? I stopped at 11 and it still looks pretty bulky. I can't see that being a nice tie at the back, can you?

And yes, I did check for errata in the pattern.

Tracey leaves for Edmonton in 9 days. I'm suffering from seperation anxiety already.
I am however, accepting applications for a new best friend (sorry, ONTARIO best friend, Tracey wanted me to point that out).


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