Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Mom Rocks!

Check out the goods she got me for Christmas! What's that funny package with little needles on the right? You ask. Well my dear, those are my brand spanking new KnitPicks Options Needles. I literally squealed when I opened the box. I love love love love love them.
The needles are similar to the Addi Turbos, and the thin purple cables really flexible. The tips of the needles are really sharp (which I like), but I've been knitting non stop since I got them, and have managed to split open the tip of my finger! Oops.

But did I stop knitting? No! I just dug out some bandaids and kept going. Really, it was just like a paper cut, and it's healing quite nicely now.

Here they are in (blurry) action. My mom saw someones Green Gable on the web (probably Brenda's, I'm pretty sure my mom blogstalks all my bloglines links...), and really liked it. I've been telling her for awhile that if she sees a pattern she likes, to let me know, and I'll make it for her. So here we go!

I'm a little worried about the sizing though, when I figured out the schematics for it, it looks like the finished bust size for the largest one is like 58". That's just craziness.


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