Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Romni Goods

I have lots of yarn. Over 187 balls actually. So to get me to go yarn shopping, you really need to twist my arm . For example, the Romni sale:
Heather called and said "Let's go to the Romni Boxing Day Sale".
I said "OK".

I spent way too much, but everything except the sock yarn was on my "list". What you see below is some Brown Cotton Fleece for a Green Gable for me, some sock yarn from the sale bin (which doesn't match... I didn't notice until I got home, it's dark down there!),

and some Noro Kureyon to make a hat for my friend Mick (he's moving to Vancouver on Friday, he'll need it)..

And what's this? New York Yarn in puck form?

Yup, baby bought her first Wool Winder.

I can't believe how much these things cost, but oh how I love it!

I spent the last two days sending Mariah to puck heaven. Love the pattern, but knit it too big. It's just collecting dust in my closet. I want to do it again in a different size.
It was the first sweater I knit when I picked up the knitting needles again in '04, so I'm sure I made a tonne of mistakes, and it will be way better again! Hopefully it will help de-clutter my closet a bit.....

And today, I signed up for personal training at the gym. My wallet is going into shock.


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