Tuesday, February 08, 2005

i still love my mariah

but I must NOT knit today! I am having my friends and their babies over on sunday, so I have to make my apartment SPOTLESS for little ones to crawl around in.

I also have two assignments to hand in tonight at school, and a physio appointment at 4:30. leaving me only 5 hours to do everything......

so of course, i sit down to make this entry.

so, here is what I plan to do... in this order
1. laundry
2. while the laundry is going.... i'm going to run out and pick up bandanas for a thing at work
3. also edit the work i've done on my papers so far
4. come back and clean my room
5. then it's probably going to be time to go to physio
6. after physio i'm going to Bell to get my express vu- woo hoo!
7. then class
8. come home and put away all my scrapbooking stuff while I watch the finale of amazing race.

Well, I better get at it.....


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