Monday, January 31, 2005

felting.... aargh!

It's my day off today, I start mariah, tomorrow, so I finished off a pair of slippers from my felted knits book, and figured I would spend the day hand felting a few things. I have a pair of booties and a small bag I've done too..... So I started with the bag. It's small, shouldn't be too difficult. HA!
I used Naturally Colourworks yarn, because I had a little bit left. I thought I would felt it and use it as a change purse or make-up bag, depending on it's size. Again, I say HA!
I spent an hour trying to felt it, and nothing changed except the colour! So, I thought I would try to have a positive experience after that, so I put the slippers in.... after 20 mins I realized I was still grumpy and pissy, so now they're sitting in the water cooling off, and maybe I'll try again tomorrow.
I think I am coming down with a flu, and I bought season 1 of Alias on DVD today, so I think I'll use the flu as an excuse to stay home instead of playing soccer tonight, and maybe I'll cheat and start mariah!


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