Saturday, February 12, 2005

pet peeves

1. taxi drivers honking
it's saturday morning, I am calmly standing at a bus stop, reading the paper; a car slows in front of me and honks- I look to see if it's someone I know, or someone needing help..... But NO, it's a taxi driver looking for a fare.
Do I look like I'm looking for a cab? NO! I'm tempted to hop in next time and pay them with a bus ticket!
This happens way too often. It really annoys me.

2. The poor treatment of people without credit cards
when I went to sign up for express vu the other day, I double checked that they could set it up without a credit card number ( I choose to live credit free). I was assured that I could..... When I called to get it hooked up, the first thing they asked was "credit card number please?". When I replied that I had none, and explained what I had been told, she actually started YELLING at me, about how I was wrong etc. So I called customer service, they told me it was ok, so I called back to hook it up again.... same thing, the person sounds angry at me. I go back and forth a few times, until finally I get to talk to a supervisor. Seems I can't do it without a credit card, so they suggest I BUY the system for $300. Whatever.
Thank goodness my daddy loves me, he let me give them his number. But how unfair is that! I have had services with Bell for years, you think they would let me rent a stupid satellite without giving them a credit card number.
They're just lucky I hate Rogers even more right now.


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