Monday, May 30, 2005

Running and Knitting Updates (aka I am a track star in my own mind)

I did it! My first 10km run!
I finished under my goal time, and felt really good the whole way.
I was aiming for 1:11, but my official time was 1:08:22!

The actual run itself wasn't that enjoyable..... the race didn't start until 2:45, so we spent the whole day hanging around the island, in the rain. Yuck.
The most frustrating part was the staggered start times. They had us line up in "waves", based on our estimated times. Me being slow, lined up in the last wave. I get why they do it- the trails are narrow, and there were like a gazillion people there, but the had 10 minute intervals between starts. So, I lined up before 2:45, but didn't start my run until 3:30. As anyone with a finicky back knows- standing in one spot can be an extremely painful experience. Needless to say, I was in pain before I even started.

But, the trail was beautiful, it was over pavement, grass and boardwalk, it was well marked, and they had water stations along the way, and every km was marked.

While I was running, my back didn't hurt too much. I did stop for a few walk breaks, and had to do a little strip part way through because I was getting too hot. I also had to slow down for a couple of mp3 player malfunctions. Excuses, excuses, I know!

Anyway- I think I'll give my body a break for a couple of weeks, but sign up for another one at the end of the summer to keep up my momentum!

As for knitting updates....
I have today and tomorrow off work, with only a much needed physio appt. scheduled for this afternoon. I plan to stay stationary, watch some more episodes of Buffy, and knit. If tomorrow is nice, I may venture to the park to knit.... maybe go for a bike ride (but not knit at the same time!). So, I will for sure have some updates (with photos, I promise!) for you.

Also- knitting advice question..... If I am thinking of dyeing some yarn, should I do it before I start knitting it? Or dye it after it's all done?

The yarn I want to use for the Vogue Sweater is a little too bright for me, so I think I'll try to overdye it with some black or navy. Any thoughts?


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