Thursday, May 26, 2005

Updates on the "plethora of projects"

Look- I've titled my crap load of stuff I'm working on- "Plethora of Projects". It's all about alliteration baby!

Anyway... No pics today, sorry, maybe this weekend. Camera batteries are dead again.

1. Cocktail monkey bag- It's getting easier as I go, but still only a few rows a day. I have also recruited a friend to help me acquire cocktail monkeys. While drinking belinis. What fun!

2. Anouk for Isobel- front is done, an inch away from finishing the back, It's looking pretty funky!

3. Stash Buster- I've decided an the short sleeve top, and I think I have enough in a green Patons "South Pacific DK" which is kinda shiny. The green might be a little bright for my current tastes, but I can always try to dye it. Or just drop it in the mud. I bought it in 1992, so it's a little out of date!

4. The GGH Samoa project will not be a orange and navy vest for the large baby... but a navy and orange monkey! I promise I'll post photos of that. It's gonna be fun!

AND- I whipped up an IPod sock for a friend in a couple of hours. It's in the Koigu Kersti, blue varigated. Very cute. Forgot to take a picture though.

Anyway- have a great weekend- I am running the Nike 10k on Sunday, so wish me luck, and cheer me on if you're there!


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