Friday, September 09, 2005

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

  1. NOT knitting
  2. NOT blogging
  3. NOT running
  4. NOT scrapbooking
  5. watching a whole lot of TV (including the last three seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Coronation Street, CBC has it on for like 5 hours a week right now!)
  6. enjoying my new air conditioner, that really came a little bit to late, and therefore cost me a little bit too much money
  7. sat on a lot of patios drinking a lot of beer (I live in the Beaches in Toronto, it would be wrong if I didn't, that's what people do here, if they aren't walking dogs or pushing baby carriages, which I don't do, but I do walk other peoples dogs and babies)
  8. setting up my new computer (the other one was old, and always breaking, which is part of the reason I wasn't blogging, but now I have a fancy new laptop, so now I have no excuse)
  9. Slept a lot
  10. Went on a diet for one whole week. That was dumb, I don't believe in diets, especially for me! I love food, and think we should eat what we want, but I just need to not have three servings of it.... (the Lick's Homeburgers across the street became the bane of my existence!)
  11. See, I told you about the laziness fairy.
  12. But- some good stuff- I've done two urban adventure races, and I'm doing another one tomorrow
  13. I went camping in Algonquin for four days
  14. I went to the Fergus Highland Games and developed a small obsession for big men in kilts throwing heavy things
  15. I read a lot
  16. Sold some Mary Kay (go to or for a great free sample!)
  17. worked a lot at my other job
  18. and, I made the decision to stalk Eric Lindros now that he's playing in Toronto (can I tell you how excited I am about that? First, hockey is back on, then Eric signs in TO- I nearly pissed my pants!)
What am I doing now that summer is over? Well, I got home at 5:30, promptly put my pj's on, poured myself a glass of red wine (in a tumbler, so I don't spill it) made some pesto, and got back to blogging. I even pulled out some knitting. I hope to get some rows done while I catch up on some more Coronation Street.

I promise I will not neglect you all any longer!


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