Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Finished project!

Woo Hoo! I love finishing things! I got all the ends weaved last night, and sewed the side tabs on. All it needs now are some buttons. But those will have to wait until payday.

One problem..... while weaving the ends in, I may have cut one of the stitches. I was giving it a little stretch, and a big hole appeared (bottom left of the skirt, but you can't see it now). I weaved together as much as I could, but I couldn't actually find the ends from the break, so when I block it, it may all fall apart. I'm very afraid!

I took the photo on my fire escape- very urban! but at least you can see the true colours of it.

I have two balls of the green left, and a little pink, so I think I'll try to whip up a little hat to go with it (or replace it if the whole thing falls apart!)

It's such a nice day out today, I have all my windows and doors open, and I swept and mopped the entire apartment this morning. It smells spring fresh now! I am so tempted to go hang out in the park or by the beach, but I need to wait until after two- apparently the UV index is really high today, and I burn like dry straw. Hopefully I can get a bike ride in later.

Kaffe Fasset was a great speaker- his colours and patterns are so inspirational. I would never wear any of them, but while watching his slide show, I thought a lot of them would make great felted bags... so, next pay, I'll be ordering his pattern book!

On the new project front... now that I've joined the Clapotis Knit-Along, I really want to start it... but I just can't decide on a yarn to use. I was thinking I would look for something shiny, like an acrylic, so it could be kinda dressy, but yesterday at the Knit Cafe- I saw the Lion and Lamb yarn in person, and it is gorgeous (and $34 per skein, and I need 4!). They don't have much selection right now, but will be ordering more in about a month. I thing Lettuce Knit carries it too, so I should go check there....
I need to read through all of their posts though, as I'm sure they have tonnes of info on different yarns to use.

Anyway- I need to get back to the nice weather, this is not a day to be at the computer!
I hope it lasts through the weekend, because we're going camping at Sandbanks on Friday.


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