Saturday, October 08, 2005

Crazy Week

Wow, what a busy week this has been.

Sunday, my brother, sister and I went to my friend Chris’ to get some pics done for my mom’s birthday. He is such a great photographer, they turned out so well!

Monday I went to my friend Heidi’s to babysit her son Henry. What a cutie. 7 hours with someone he barely knows, and he was still great all day! We spent most of the morning at the park…. And I of course brought my camera.

Tuesday I had a tonne of errands to run, which was SO much easier with the car. Although I remembered what a pain parking can be. I don’t have parking at my place, just a street permit, so sometimes I have to drive around in circles looking for a spot.
Then I went back out to Chris’ place to show him the copies of the prints he took. We watched the Amazing Race, which I still don’t think I like so much this season.

Wednesday night I had my first swim class (in preparation for the triathlon I keep talking about!). I am so out of shape! I could barely swim a length and a half without having to stop and catch my breath. Oh well, I guess it can only get better. Then I of course had to stop by the pub to catch the end of the hockey game. I got all teary eyed when Eric scored his goal- I can’t believe how girly I got! That has got to stop.

Thursday was a crazy day at work, and a disappointing episode of Alias. I hope the rest of the season isn’t the same. I don’t think I like pregnant Sydney so much. A friend said they saw Jennifer Garner on the Martha talk show the other day, and she kept calling Martha dude! How sad

Yesterday was my mom’s 60th Birthday, so we all took her out for dinner, and gave her the pics we had taken. It was a lot of fun, and my mom looks great for 60!

In between this crazy week, I managed to finish the edging of the VK top- I forgot how much I like to crochet. I’ll have to see if I can find any good patterns next week at the needlework festival. When I first learned to crochet, I was making doilies, because there wasn’t anything else of interest to make. ‘Cause yeah, a 19 year old really needs a lot of doilies kicking around their apartment!


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