Monday, September 26, 2005

Yummy Yarn

I ordered the yarn for my Blissful Jacket today. I found the "darkest brown" colour on sale at knitwerx. I've never ordered yarn on line before, so hopefully it will all work out. I'll decide what colour to use for the pinstriping once it gets here.
I'm thinking the orange might be nice....

After ordering the yarn and buying a car today, I started thinking about how much money I've spent this week- it's getting a little out of hand I think!
  • $110 for the scrapbooking weekend
  • $111.00 for the workshop and admission to the Needlework festival
  • $40 for a pattern drafting class at the Naked Sheep
  • $83.00 for yarn
  • and $12500 for a car!
Ugh. I definitely need to be a hermit for the next month, at least!


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