Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Night Updates

I started knitting the pig.... I cheaped out on the yarn, but I really like the colour, and it is super soft! Also, since this is turning out to be "the most expensive two weeks of my life", otherwise known as "TMETWOML"... cheap helps.

I've also done some seaming/assembly of the monkey (which was started a long time ago as a sort of shower gift, but now will maybe be a Christmas gift....). He looks kinda funny all in pieces like this.

AND, my yarn for the Blissful Jacket arrived- so quick! I heart knitwerx. So, I of course had to start making some swatches. I was actually hoping my gauge would be off, because I can't seem to find my 5mm needles.... So until I do some major digging in the closet, I don't think I'll be starting it yet. The yarn is nice, I can feel the lanolin in it. But it's more uneven than I thought it would be, and I've already run into a break in the yarn that was tied together.

And, a little bit more of the seaming.....
Here's the short sleeve top from the Summer VK. I got even more done after I took the pic, only one more side to go before I start with the crochet edging. I hope it will still be warm enough to wear it when I'm done! Maybe I'll aim to finish for the weekend, and I can wear it to all the birthday festivities.

Speaking of festivities.... my mom turns 60 on Friday, and then my brother is 31 on Saturday.
"TMETWOML" continues. But I do have a car now.. woo hoo!


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