Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday Evening Ramblings

I slept in a bit this morning, which was nice because I was out late last night at a birthday party for my friend Kathleen. She turned thirty. I feel old. I'm turning 33 this year!

I spent the morning catching up on blogs and watching Coronation Street. My little posting hiatus also meant I wasn't reading the blogs I enjoy, so there was much reading to do! I ended up in tears reading about Korin's baby hopes, Dani's wedding, and all the posts about the hurricanes. On top of that, all the stuff with Steve and Karen on Corrie- I was a mess!

After I got over that, I went out for a run- the second one in two days- yay for me! And went to the LYS to start the shopping for the Blissful Jacket. They didn't have much selection, but I ran into a friend from university that I haven't seen in like 12 years- how fun! She was taking a class at the time, so I totally interrupted! Hopefully we'll be able to get together.

What else did I do today? Check this out. I'm not crazy, really!


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