Sunday, September 18, 2005

what happens when you spend too much time on the internet....

I signed up for another knit-along. Not that I've bought the yarn for the last knit along I signed up for, or do I have the yarn for this one.... but I want to make the sweater, and there's a knit along... so why not! Or is that poor knit along etiquette, signing up for something when you aren't ready to start yet?

Also, the sweater I'm loving in the fall VK uses a bulky yarn.... so maybe that will be the project with the free yarn. I think this will look great in the light blue, with a black tank top and a pair of jeans. Yes?

And finally, a picture of my cousin Erin in Seattle with her little girl Kira Amalia, who was just born on the 3rd. Look how blonde she is! Isn't she cute!
I wish Seattle wasn't so far away, and I could go meet her. I think maybe I'll make her a knit pig, from the same pattern book as the monkey I have finished knitting but haven't finished sewing together yet.

In fact, I haven't sewed the buttons on the dress I made for my other cousins baby... oops! I guess I had better get on those.......


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