Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm a Bad Poster.

Yeah, I'm not so good at this lately....
But, here I am, after 2 beers,and the words are a-flowing ( I am such a lush, but it is Canadian beer, eh?).

Back to work last week- ugh. I really wasn't looking forward to that. Really, not so bad though. Being back at work reminded me that my application for school is due soon, oh so soon. Did I ever mention that I can be a major procrastinator? Yup, I'm the queen. In university I would do everything (including rearrange my furniture) before sitting down to study or write an essay.
So, I have my two reference letters, and now have to write a "letter of intent". eek. I don't even know where to start. It has to be done and mailed in like 15 days.

Being back at work for a full 40 hours the first week was a little too stressful, so I took Saturday off to help a friend move. I hate moving. In fact, I hate it so much that even I, the Scottish cheap, financially retarded girl hires movers. why don't all my friends?

I've developed an addiction to "Rollergirls". Why don't they have roller derby's here? I would totally try it. Not that I can rollerskate or anything. But I could learn (if I didn't procrastinate about getting going). A friend and I were thinking it would be fun to roller skate on the waterfront trail and knock all the annoying Running Room Run Club people off the trail. There are far too many of them. Go away.

On the fitness front- I started swimming on my lunch hour. There is a pool at the hospital I work at, so we can swim for free. I've been avoiding it for 6 years now, making up excuses, but I got my butt in there last week. I felt like such a lame-o. All these healthy people doing the front crawl for an hour straight, me doing a little front crawl, lots of breast stroke, and lots of breaks. Today was a little better, I at least made sure I did one length crawl, and one length breast stroke. Having a plan helps. Now I just have to start running again....

Considering I spent $200 on new running gear the other day......

AND, yesterday I went to visit Tracey and Rachel. Oh so cute! I didn't want to put the baby down, she was so warm and cuddly!

What about knitting? What the heck do you think I procrastinate with?!
I started the diaper bag (using the messenger bag pattern). I did the bottom with 2 strands, to make it a little thicker, and I started knitting it in the round. I figured that would eliminate seaming, and would help keep the stripes of the Noro lined up, but then realized I was using the herringbone stitch, which has a specific pearl stitch and a specific knit stitch..... after some fiddling around, I figured out a sort of matching stitch from the right side. Thank goodness felting hides boo boos!

Well, I've likely babbled enough, and probably made a bit of a fool of myself.....
Have a great night!


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