Monday, February 13, 2006

My Olympic Update

It's Monday evening, and things seem to be going pretty well. I finished the back of the sweater earlier today. During the opening ceremonies, I had decided the size I was doing was going to be way too large, so went down a size. I think I always knew that this size would be too small... so I spent a chunk of today doing some thinking and measuring and calculating....
I'm going to add some space in the lace section for my boobs and my hips. I'm hoping all will work out!
I thought I would also share with you a photo of my current workspace ....... my couch!
You can see here (sorry about the crappy quality):
  • my 2 tv remotes, I haven't figured out how to totally combine them. I think my tv is too old
  • kleenex- I cry a lot during the Olympics- when people win (doesn't matter what country they're from), when people lose, when people fall, when they do those "Olympian" biographies, and apparently when Tim Horton's commercials have grandfathers come to watch their grandsons play hockey, and while doing so have a tender moment with their son
  • scissors- I love my "stitch rippers"!
  • a heating pad for injuries ( I get a sore back sometimes, I think I hurt it scrapbooking Saturday, actually, jut from carrying all the supplies, it's a dangerous craft, you know!)
  • a notebook and pencil for all my pattern adjustments
  • a calculator (because I'm math retarded)
  • a trusty measuring tape
  • the pattern (photocopied and put in a page saver so I don't wreck my magazine)
  • and finally, the beginnings of the front side.
I'm going to see the "Body Worlds" exhibit tomorrow, and then off to Hamilton to watch the games with a friend and her one month old baby, so I'm not sure when my next update will be.


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