Sunday, April 23, 2006

Scottish Girls Don't Frolic So Well....

I went to the DKC Knitters Frolic yesterday. I went with Brenda, and met up with Katherine and Elizabeth.
I was prepared, I had "The List", I had cash, I had a budget. But it seems I am just too friggin' cheap. I bought one thing. A skein of lace weight yarn called "Zephyr". It's a pretty green colour, and I'm hoping to get two scarves out of it, but I have to find a lace pattern I like.

There were so many beautiful yarns (I've been having erotic dreams about HandMaiden Sea Silk), but nothing was really on sale, or a great deal, so I just didn't get it. Maybe because it's all available in my LYS's? Maybe because I keep thinking about all the bills I have to pay? Maybe I'm a chicken? Or maybe it's just my Scottish heritage coming through. Who knows.

But I certainly don't regret it. We went for a nice brunch at the Sunset Grill instead, and I can likely get all the yarns I was coveting at the Sheep.

So was it a good day? Yes, I wasn't at work and I got to know Brenda and Katherine a little better. How can you knock that?!


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