Friday, April 07, 2006

Some Knitting Content... Finally

Sorry about the lack of posts- Work has been crazy this week, and I think the time change totally knocked me out. I feel like I just can't get enough sleep.
That or I'm dying. Hmm......

So, I of course have been knitting with my yarn from New York. I know I have 4 other projects on the go (Blissful Jacket, Shapely Tank, Socks, and Cocktail Monkey Bag.... still), but I couldn't resist!

It's nice to knit with, and is looking good. I was afraid the reverse stocking stitch would look too tight, I had to go down almost a whole mm in needle size to get gauge, but it looks great.

Except this:

I've read about pooling, but I've never knit a big project with variegated yarn before, and hence have never experienced it. At first I was worried about the two green blobs (thank god it's not on the front!), but now when I take the picture, I see the great big diamond! Craziness! I've read about pooling, but I have no clue what to do to change it....... I don't think this will bug me too much on the back, but I really hope nothing like this happens on the front.
Any suggestions?

I've also been working on the shapely tank:

Not a very exciting photo. I think following the pattern exactly is going to make it too long, so I need to sit down and do some measuring and math... but not tonight. I can only do math with a not tired brain.

And finally... the top-down raglan cardi... finished!

I LOVE it! It's too big ( I would knit it a size smaller next time), but the yarn is sooo soft! It is the coziest sweater ever. I love that I did the sleeves shorter, and I love the buttons I picked. Yay, a good sweater by me!


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