Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

I don't have much to say today, but thought I'd write something anyway, just in case you missed me.

We had two showings of the Celestine Prophecy as a fundraiser this week, and it went ok. Not my favourite movie, but it was interesting, in a pushy religion kinda way.

I did go and see"Thank You for Smoking" on Friday night, and that was hilarious! My brother is a big smoker, and he is always explaining all these crazy reasons why smoking is good for society (mostly economic, and likely true), so it was extra funny to watch it with him. The fact that there really are lobbyists who spin all this stuff about smoking is just crazy!

Thursday evening we tried to have our first patio night of the season, but after the sun went down, it got cold pretty quick, so I wasted a bunch of my points indoors.:-(

As for points..... the weight watchers seems to be pretty easy, I usually end the day under my target points, but I can get so obsessive about stuff, I'm likely starving myself. Tomorrow is my first "weigh in", so I'll keep you updated.

I've almost finished the left front of the VK Side Tie Vest in my New York yarn, but it doesn't make a very exciting photo. It looks like I'm going to have lots of yarn left over, so I could have done a bigger size. I'm a little worried about it being to small. We'll see, I can always rip it back a bit.

Today, I'm off to watch the Easter Parade, and then I think I need to tackle my taxes. Ugh.

I hope you have a Happy Easter weekend!


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