Friday, May 05, 2006

Bad Blogger

I just haven't been feeling the blogging love lately, I feel like I have nothing to say or show you, and really, I'm a little bummed out.
Why? Well, let me tell you.....
  • my dumbass landlords have decided to sell the building I live in. I am terrified the new owners will want to convert it to offices, as they have done in the neighbouring buildings. I hate moving.
  • I have 5 knitting or crochet patterns on the go, but nothing of interest to photograph
  • my best friend is moving to Edmonton
  • i just found out my cousin's daughter has a very large cyst on her brain, and needs to have surgery at the end of the month. Her mom is terrified (rightfully so)
  • I have no clue what to do with my life in September, apparently saving up to go to Alberta (which is also where my cousin lives)
  • and please note that it is 6:30 am. I have been up for an hour. I am usually still in bed. I am starting another stint of insomnia, and I am so freaking tired!
It's not all bad, really. I should probably just go and have some coffee, coffee always makes me feel better.

Wanna giggle? Go read my brothers' website. I think I'll do that while I drink my coffee.


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