Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm A Suck

Don't give me sympathy and suggest drinks... tell me to get a grip! It's not all that bad. Really, my lesson from that last post is that I should not blog on only a few hours sleep, when the sun has not yet come up......

Anyway, what I did to try and cheer myself up was to go yarn shopping. I am still having dreams about the Handmaiden Seasilk, and have in fact been stalking the Naked Sheep, waiting for the order to come in.

Sunday morning I woke up thinking "today is the day the Sea Silk is there, and if I don't hurry, I will miss it".
So off I went. When I got there, Denny was talking to another customer, so I lurked the isles. I saw lots of new Handmaiden stuff, but no Sea Silk. AAAH! I missed it, it's all sold out!

But no, Denny immediately assured me that it had not come in yet (funny how she didn't need to ask me what I was looking for, perhaps it's the stalking thing).

So we sat and chatted, and flipped through the new Interweave Knits. I've wanted to do a lace hairband for awhile, and low and behold, page 107, there it is!

So I bought a ball of Hempathy in a cute light green. Much cheaper shopping therapy than Sea Silk. But I think I need to finish something else before I start this one....

In other knitting news, I'm still plugging away on the socks. I think I'll focus on these this week. My mom wants them, and mothers day is coming up...

And the VK knit top is coming along nicely. The sides and shoulder are seamed, and I gave it a little try on. It looks like it may actually fit! I have LOTS of yarn left, so I've knit the collar, and now need to do the ties and edging.

And- here's a shout out to Kathleen, who apparently lurks, but finally left a comment- Hi Kathleen! Let's eat wings soon!

Hrmm... blogger won't let me post photos right now, can I get back to you?
Woop- a day later it works!


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