Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back from the Wild West of Edmonton....

I got back on Thursday (without my luggage of course, why does crap like that ever happen, you'd think they'd have it under control by now?!). But I picked that up on Friday as well as a $100 credit for a future flight.

Anyhooo...... It rained almost every day I was there, so there aren't that many exciting photos. We did have some rain free moments during a weekend jaunt to Jasper though- here's a pic of the loverly Pyramid Lake and Mountain. It's a "redder" mountain than the rest (because of the iron in it), so it really stands out.

Being a hockey fan, I also felt the need to visit with Wayne. We knit together. It was good.

We managed to get tickets to a pre season game, but i didn't knit there. I didn't want them to search my bag and accuse me of trying to bring in any dangerous weapons.

Thanks for all the suggestions about airplane knitting by the way. I didn't bother trying anything. I had called WestJet, and they said plastic needles only, so why risk it. My friends had just bought Season 2 of Lost, so we watched a lot of that, so I have almost completed my socks anyway. I also managed to whip up a pair of mittens for their little one while I was there.

I was rushing through the Bonnie Doon Mall to get to the bank machine... and lo and behold... a Lewiscraft! Who knew the very last Lewiscraft would be at the Bonnie Doon Mall in the 'burbs of Edmonton. So, I bought some yarn for mittens. How could I not, it was the very last store... the end of an era!


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