Monday, February 21, 2005

look out ..... she's got a digital camera

Finally got my hands on a digital camera..... it's not great, but it was free (compliments of my dad! Thanks Dad!).... so here's how Mariah is going.......

I've done both sleeves together, and am up to 18 inches (I need to get to 19). Some of my cables look kinda wobbly, but hopefully they'll straighten out when they're blocked.

mariah Posted by Hello
I took a break to start the back when we went to Ottawa (although I think I slept the whole way there and back, so didn't get any knitting done)

I think I'm going to add an inch to the stockinette section to account for my big boobs.

mariah back Posted by Hello

Stockinette stitch is so boring after doing all those fun cables.... how will I ever go back !


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