Tuesday, March 01, 2005

back fat and amazing race

I'm still sick..... so rather than doing anything productive on Sunday night (like homework or cleaning), I sat my butt on the couch and watched the oscars - including the pre-show, and knit.

The reason I title this post "back fat" is because I still have the horrible memory of seeing it on Star Jones as she did annoying interviews with people as they arrived. Ugh.
If you're going to spend all that money to lose weight, and look fancy for the oscars, don't you think you would try to find a dress that fit properly? I've been procrastinating looking for a pic to post, but no luck so far. I'm sure my quest will continue....

As for Mariah.... she's coming along quite nicely, I have the back and left front finished, and am about 10" up on the right front. I'm sure she'll be yoked in no time! I've been reading all the posts about the width at the lower ribbing section, and it does look really small.... but I'm gonna keep going anyhow!

On a fun note, Tracey and I decided to enter the
"Bell City Chase" on June 25. It's like a one day Amazing Race- I am so excited! We have named our team the "Scrabble Queens". I'll have to come up with some fun swag using Scrabble pieces- what fun, what fun!

I have the pictures developed from my brunch with the boyfriends, so if I have time tonight, I'll try to get them posted.

Well, back to homework


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