Thursday, April 07, 2005

I'm Back!

So sorry about the lack of posts lately! I spent a week cat sitting for a friend, and then promptly headed to Cuba for a week (tough life, I know!).

While I was cat sitting, a lovely envelope of stitch markers arrived, compliments of CJ. I LOVE them! In fact, this isn't all of them, because some of them are being used on the gloves I am making for my friend Isla....

A few months back, when I had made a string of scarves, Isla hinted that she would like a set of gloves and a scarf for her birthday, so here they are.... still a WIP (even though her birthday is tomorrow!), but getting there. The extra
small size worked out much better.
I did (am doing... ) the scarf in a k2, p2 rib, but I think I made it too wide with too small of a needle, I'm on the 4th ball of yarn, and think I'll need at least on meore to make it long enough!
Luckily she doesn't want to have any festivities this weekend, so it gives me some more time to finish!

When I returned from Cuba- this lovely package was in the mail.....

I joined a thread exchange with the RCY news group, and this is what I received from Bonnie in Texas. The red is a Brown Sheep, the bottom left is Manos, the brown bobbly stuff is Noro (I think, I don't have it with me right now), and the other two are embroidery threads. The white one is really sparkly. I'm sure I can use it in something fancy as an edging!

And, last but not least.... it's time to get my butt in gear, so I entered the Nike 10km Run. I have to admit, the part that closed the deal was the bonus training shirt that you get when you register... that's ORANGE! How can I turn down a free orange shirt? I can't. Although, as my dad pointed out, it's not really free, because I had to pay $50 bucks to register.... but I do get another one for race day.... maybe it will be orange too! Oh joy!

Anyway, I had better get home so I can dig out my running shoes from the closet.....


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