Saturday, September 17, 2005


Look what I got for free! 10 balls of Capricorn Bulky yarn, 50% acrylic, 50% nylon.
Another Recreation Therapist at work had it in her office, and she has all guy clients, and has never had anyone interested in knitting... so I made the sacrifice and took it off her hands. Woo Hoo, free stuff! Now what should I make with it.......

It looks like a pretty old yarn, and I can't find anything about it on the internet. The label indicates 6 1/2 mm needles, but doesn't suggest a gauge*. Doesn't really matter though does it, since mine always seems to be off!

*Definition for Chris
gauge- how many stitches or rows per inch when the yarn is knitted, it's important to get it right, so that your project comes out the right size. A thicker yarn on bigger needles will have less stitches per inch


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