Friday, September 16, 2005

mmmm...... magazines

Picked up the Fall issue of VK tonight (it's pay week, must spend money!)
The very first pattern (eyelet pullover) and all most all of the sport patterns, especially the hooded pullover, caught my eye. Although, I feel the need to make a dent in my stash before I buy more yarn for myself....
The lace wrap is really pretty too. I was thinking of making clapotis* as a gift for someone who will remain un-named at the moment, but she might like this a lot better.

On the "get my butt off the couch" topic, I'm going to sign up for an adult swim/stroke improvement class in preparation for the "I'm gonna do a try-a-tri goal", or at least that's the plan.

In the laziness department- I went out and test drove a 2002 Toyota Echo tonight. The whole theory of "you don't need a car in the city" is all well and good, except when most of your good friends live OUTSIDE of the city. So, if I can get a cheap, reliable car, I can have the best of both worlds.
I gave up driving a couple of years ago when I realized my truck needed a whole lot of work to stay alive, and was going to need even more in the not so far away future. I had a Toyota 4-Runner that I loved like a friend. I had named him Chuck, and everyone knew him. I cried the day I signed him over. But at least he went to a good home. It was a mechanic who bought him, and he planned on fixing him up and putting him in car shows. Sigh. I hope he's ok.

*Chris Definitions
Clapotis- the name of a pattern for a shawl that is INCREDIBLY popular


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