Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lisa is a Knitting Goddess

Lisa won the Amazing Knitting Race, by a landslide. In fact, she kicked my sorry ass. I bow down in awe before Lisa and her knitting greatness!
She finished her top-down cardi in less than one week!

Me, not so much.

This is what my sweater looked like last Thursday night:

But luckily, I had a Conference to go to Friday night and Saturday, so managed to do some catching up..... but not nearly enough!

The conference I was at was a Mary Kay one (yes, I sell it.... wanna try it, it's good stuff!?).
So I popped into the Sheep on Sunday to have a quick visit with Erin and Denny and to look for some pink yarn to "pay a tribute" for letting me catch up. The closest colour I could find was a pretty wine colour.

So, as of Wednesday morning, I was still plugging away at my first sleeve.... Lisa is a knitting goddess.
(see the pretty wine colour at the bottom? I'll use it for the sleeve cuffs too. Pretty swanky, eh?)


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