Tuesday, January 09, 2007


How's it going with the personal trainer? you ask.
Today was session #3. My legs hurt so much I could cry. And it will only be worse tomorrow. Ugh.
But that's what I'm paying the big bucks for!

Thought I'd share some of Angelo's wisdom's with you while we're here....
  • cheese bad, cottage cheese good
  • when you're doing cardio, you don't burn any fat until after 20 mins, so you should do your weights first (that'll count as the first 20 mins)
  • a protein shake is an ok snack if you're hungry (but freaking expensive!)
  • to burn fat you need to do at least 12 reps (not just 8) of weights
  • food and drinks (like my friend beer) with yeast in it, tends to hang out around your belly My love of beer was acquired during university. So was my gut. Coincidence? I guess not.
  • Cranberry juice is really high in carbs! I pointed out that it's really good with vodka, especially the white kind, but it didn't really phase him....
And this machine:
Is my enemy. Yup.


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