Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Lunch With Kim

I had the pleasure of having lunch with my friend Kim yesterday. She came in from Hamilton for the day. She is very pregnant- due in three weeks! She and her husband Justin are two of the kindest people I know. Kim is always able to see the good in everyone, and being the negative person that I am, it is always nice to talk things out with her.
I cannot wait to meet their baby, because I am sure he or she will be a great person, just like Kim and Justin.
Here's a pic of the soon to be baby.

kim's baby Posted by Hello

I think I need to knit something. She said she did the baby's room in bright yellow, with green accents. I'm thinking a baby blanket. Maybe in Mission Falls cotton. Some bright colours. Oh, maybe not. I just looked at the website and they aren't currently making it. Hmmm.... I'll have to find something else.


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