Friday, March 11, 2005

my hairdresser is an enabler

I went to get my hair done on Tuesday (with Heather). Heather knits, and is actually a friend of the owner of my LYS. So, since I had been making so many stitch markers, I thought I would bring some for her. She loved them, but then we ended up spending my entire time there talking about knitting. Which gets me thinking... and craving....

markers for heather

Instead of going home after I leave the salon... I go a few stops further to the yarn store. Broke girl, who is supposed to be saving to go to Cuba, ends up with 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden and a new book. Bad bad!

new stuff

I spent like an hour wandering around, looking for some yarn to make a new scarf for myself. I had to keep walking away from all the rusts and oranges! I have too much of those, I need to expand my colour palette. So I picked this greeny purply. It's really quite yummy.
But not me. The more I look at - it's not me.
Luckily- it is an Isla colour though... and her birthday is in a month! She had requested gloves and a scarf. So here I go!
I've never made gloves before, so did some searching on the web and found this pattern. Nice. I don't have to get the right gauge, the pattern adjusts to may gauge. I don't even know what size my needles are (they were from a bunch of old ones my grandma had)! Ha! Love it!

So, now I have three projects on the go at once..... Mariah, a hat for Sheena, and Isla's gloves. I'll never leave the house!


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