Sunday, March 13, 2005

Works in Progress

Thought I would post some pics of what I've been working on....

"hat for sheena"
in Lamb's Pride worsted with mohair. It's knitting up really fast- I've only been working on it on the streetcar! I'll hopefully get it finished and felted next week.

Noro Silk Garden- glove # 1. I'm thinking it's going to turn out a little bulky- my friend Isla has long slim hands. We'll see how it goes when the fingers start.

And, last but not least...... Mariah!

I'm at the end of the yolk, and will start the hood tonight. Too bad there's' nothing interesting on TV. I'll just have to get in to season 3 of Alias!

The close up shows the join of the sleeve, and at the left you can see the bulge that happened when I finished the big cable, and started the ribbing/cable. I'm hoping it will go away with blocking/wearing.


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