Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wicked is on it's way.....

So I took yesterday off from any kind of responsibilities..... stayed in my pj's until 3:00 and watched a lot of tv and KNIT!

I finished the green gable for mom- it's currently blocking. That thing is freaking heavy when it's wet!

So Wicked started with a swatch. I had just finished the Yarn Harlot's section on swatching in Knitting Rules, so I was a very good girl. I knit it circular.... and the gauge was way off. Aargh. But I was so good that I even washed it. Amazingly, I now have almost perfect gauge! I'll just need to remember that as I try it on.... It needs to be a tad small so that it will fit AFTER washing it (by the way, the post would be far more exciting, except that all the photos I took are lost somewhere in the depths of cyberspace, and I can't find them).

So as I sat down last night to watch a few episodes of Dexter, I cast on. Did a few rows, had a pause to pee, then looked at my work.... I had twisted it when I joined the first row! In all my years of knitting, I have never done that! When they tell you to be sure to not twist your work, I giggle "whoi does that?" I laugh. Now I know. I do.

After a few more false starts (perhaps the fact that by now it's 1:00 am didn't help), I am well on my way. The cable collar is done, and I'm increasing for the sleeves. And it's fabulous!

As for Dexter- I stayed up until 3:00 watching the rest of the season. Was loving until the last few episodes. The gave away who the killer was way too early, don't you think?


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