Friday, January 19, 2007

i kan read reel good 2007

I love to read. Always have. But I can never remember what I've read. So i thought I'd keep track here. If I'm procrastinating from school work, I may even put in a short review. But more to remind myself than to help you!

Books I Read in 2007
  1. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke (January 17).
  2. Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (February sometime) I actually read this from start to finish. A first for a knitting book. I even read it at night before going to sleep. It was actually a pretty fun read.
  3. The History of Love by Nicole Krauss (March 23)- my cousin Erin told me about this one. There are a few stories that kind of come together at the end. They all circle around a fictional book called "the History of Love". I loved it. Had trouble putting it down.
  4. The Children of Men by P.D. James (March 30) Tracey had read this for a book club, and got me really interested, then the movie came out (which I haven't seen). Do we all know what it's about? It's2021 and the men are infertile. No more babies. I brought it to Cuba and quickly realized I had already read it! Maybe in highschool? Anyway, reread it and enjoyed it.


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